1.2 Editing text

You can edit and format text directly below the "Website" tab. The new text appears in place of the blinking cursor. Click in the text to place the cursor and add new text.

Place cursor and type

  1. Click in the text of the website to place the cursor.
  2. New text can be typed directly into the page.
  3. To delete text, select the text and use the DELETE-key of BACKSPACE-key.
  4. By typing [Enter] you start a new paragraph.
  5. By typing [Shift-Enter] you start a new line.
  6. Click on "save page" to save the changes.

Note the "flashing cursor": that is where changes and insertions will appear.

Changing Text Formatting

A page consists of headers and body text. In normal text bold and italic elements can be created and enumerations used.

  1. Place the text cursor in the line which you want another format.
  2. For headers and intros: select in the toolbar your new style.
  3. For enumerations: choose enumerations with bullets or numbers .
  4. For text bold or italic: select the text and then click bold of italic .

Add a new paragraph or a new line

With [Enter] you start a new paragraph resulting in space between to paragraphs. With [Shift-Enter] you start a new line within the same paragraph.

Copyin Text kopiƫren

Text can be copied from other programs such as MSWord and websites. This works best with simple formatted texts because otherwise the markup sometimes mistranslated. Sometimes it is convenient to first place the text in a text editor such as Notepad and copy from there, again so that the formatting codes are dilators. Hyperlinks, cups and enumerations are cropped.

Insert special characters

  1. Place the text cursor.
  2. Click on the toolbar "speciale tekens" to open the dialoog.
  3. Click in the window on the character to insert, the dialog remains open so you can insert more characters.
  4. Close the dialog

Note: Characters that are not listed can be added on request (contact  support@ypos.nl).