1.1 Login and dashboard overview

The first page of the "Editor" tab shows at a glance the information you need to manage (wrong hyperlinks, used server space, visitor information, changed pages and pages that are pending) your website well. The remaining pages of the tab provide access to the various management functions.


  1. Open the page http://uw_website.nl/webetui
  2. After a valid login you will see the dashboard overview.

Parts of the dashboard overview

  • status: the server space use for html, images and documents. number of pages, bad links
  • statistics: visitors and pageviews the last 10 days (more stats in statistics section)
  • last reaction: last input by visitors on forms
  • most visited: top 5 visited pages
  • most searched: top 5 Google search terms
  • most downloaded: top 5 documents downloaded
  • recently changed: 10 most recently changed pages, click to view and edit the page
  • checked out: alle pages that are checked out (used for long edit sessions en peer reviews)
  • html cache: number of html-pagina's generated by WebEtui 'just-in-time publishing', click on "html refresh" when you change global website settings like (like changed in menu structure) that are nog visible.

Submenu of tab "Dashboard"

  • overview: dashboard home page
  • newsletters: page to make, edit and send news letters
  • mailing lists: management of lists of e-mail addresses used in conjunctoin with newsletters
  • forms: fill in forms can be used on any page
  • reactions: management, view and excel download of reactions on fill in forms
  • forum: not used
  • statistics: comprehensive information about visitors, pages, keywords etc.
  • users: add, edit and delete users of this WebEtui-CMS