1.3 Pages and menu

With "Pages" tab you can give the pages within your website logical structure. You can create pages and change the website menu. All properties of a page are shown at a glance: the menu, the corresponding pages (title, address and status), keywords, date modified and number of sub pages.

Besides the mouse, you can also use the cursor keys: up / down to navigate through the pages and left / right to move to higher / deeper pages.

New page

  1. Go to tab "Pages" and click "new page" .
  2. Fill in the title. WebEtui will automatically generate the address, you can change this.
  3. Change other properties, if necessary, and save the properties.

Delete page

  1. Select the page that has to be deleted.
  2. Click in the toolbar "remove page" and confirm.

Caution! If a page is deleted, it can be only an older version extracted from the backups (via support@ypos.nl).

Add page to the website menu

  1. Add a page to the menut with "page in/out menu" . Click multiple times to switch menu.
  2. The order of the menu items can be changed by dragging the page to the right position.
  3. When you add a new page you can add it to the menu immediately by selecting the righ menu in the page properties.

Change page properties

  1. Select the page the you want to change.
  2. Click in the toolbar "page properties" .
  3. Change the properties and close the dialog with "bewaren".

Details explained:

Rating: determines the order of search results and of the find function.
Publicatiedatum: the date the page is created, also used for future dates.
Offline-datum: the date (in de toekomst) to set the page offline.
Menu: name of the menu where this page belongs to.
Korte titel: if this field is filled, it is used as menu title instead of the title field.
Login beveiligd: this page (and subpages) is only accessible with login (extranet)
Redirect: this page will nog show but wil redirect to other page.

Move a page (cut and paste)

  1. Select the page you want to move.
  2. Click in the toolbar "cut" or click "duplicate"
  3. Go to the page wher you can "paste"

Putting a page offline

You can put a page offline to temporarily make it invisible for visitors of your website.

  1. Select the page.
  2. Click in the toolbar "page offline" or "page online" .

To put a page offline or online at a future date you can use "page properties":

  1. Select the page.
  2. Click in the toolbar "page properties" .
  3. Future date online: fill in the publication date (and time).
  4. Future date offline: fill in the publication date (and time).

The date format is "dd-mm-jjjj uu:mm", for example "24-02-2013 09:00".

Checking out a page

You can checkout pages. This means you get your own edit-copy while the previous version stays online.

  1. Select the page you want to checkout.
  2. Click in the toolbar "checkout"

Structured information

A large website can quickly grow to hundreds of pages. Make as editors a clear structure and accessible Internet addresses to give a short name through the pages and divided into folders. Place important pages on every level in the menu. This gives the website "Accessible web addresses". Each page has an Internet address. The Internet address contains the structure of the website, the directories are separated with a / character. The more folders, the deeper the page.