1.5 Images

You can manage images under the "Media" tab in the photo album. The photo album displays images and folders, sorted by file name. Double-click a folder to look in the folder. Double click on an image to change. the properties of that image. Above the pictures is a navigation path, which can be used to go.

Add an image to the page

  1. Go to tab Website to change a page of the website.
  2. Put the text cursor at the place to insert the image.
  3. Click in the toolbar at image insert.
  4. Select your image. (Dubbelclick to enter a folder.)
  5. Click insert'.

Image upload

To upload an image:

  1. Click in tabblad Media on + to upload.
  2. Go to folder and select image on your computer and click Open.
  3. The image file will be uploaded to the website.

NOTE: files with the same name wil be overridden without warning.