1. Quick start

You first experience with WebEtui CMS. In this section you will learn how to change and add text to pages. How to add new pages and menu's to your website. You can change text in your website easily and without risk. You can add photo's and video to your pages, or hyperlinks to websites, pages and downloadable documents.

From empty page to a complete website with "quick start".

Practice with a test page

While reading "Quick Start" we advise you to open a second browser tab to open your website and work with WebEtui-CMS.

  1. Open you website in a new browser tab, add "/webetui" (www.yoursite.nl/webetui) and login to WebEtui-CMS.
  2. You will enter WebEtui at tab "Dashboard", click on the orange tab "Pages".
  3. Click on "new page" ; enter a name for your page ("practice") and add the page with button "bewaren".
  4. Click on tab "Website" to start editing your new page.

WebEtui tabbladen

WYSIWYG: what you see is what you get

The functionality WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) is characteristic WebEtui CMS. During the change you will see the website as a visitor. You can see the effects of what you are doing immediately see and check, you do not need the switch between edit and preview mode. Moreover, you can change while browsing the menu of the website. Thus, the management of your website very clear and simple.

While editing in the WYSIWYG page stored in a solid XML format, so the content is always structured. Of course you can also directly view the XML content and change. Sometimes this is necessary for advanced or custom functions.